• Rodrigo Piedra
    Artist/Experience Designer.

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    19 years of artistic improvement 
    in experience design and 
    event development.

    Rodrigo Piedra is a natural-born creative person that developed the artistic linaje of his family. Raised between cats, paints and music, he has submerged himself in the deepest and most vibrant colors of life to rise as an extraordinary human being that will empower you with his joy in the first smile you see from him. If you put into a blender big pieces of experience , field-hard work and knowledge in Architecture, Painting, Digital Animation, Make-up Sculpting, TV Production, Imagination, Designing, Drawing, Conceptualizing and rocket-launched dreaming... you will certainly get a drink with the sweet taste of his successful outcome on every event. 

    He has been given with extreme improvisation capabilities for problem-solving the unexpected issues of producing events in the tropics.

Gallery Virtual Tour

Visit both, the Gallery and the workshop of Rodrigo Piedra. Located at Guachipelín, Escazú, at downtown San José in the beautiful Costa Rica. Enjoy the tour!!

What I love to do

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"What you live in life with intensity and joy, is what remains on your soul pumping breath-taking smiles every time a glimpse of it passes by..."
                                                                    - Rodrigo Piedra


He got tired of seeing his painting products fade in color strength and shine and he got sick of the vulnerability of fabric canvas... 

He fulfilled his needs with  the exquisite powerful colors, pearls and tints of the automotive products, 

and his canvas are now made of stainless steel!!

Making of SUR Calendar 2009

Our "un-repeatable" golden experience!! The best car-person mimetism ever done in the body painting industry: not only for the artistic technique and the unique design process developed by the Artist, but also because it was produced with a $15 Million-dollar-car!! Only 20 persons in the world own a total of 64 McLaren F1s... that´s way beyond exclusive. Our "honored guest" was McLaren´s #67, of the 106 total cars produced. We still say "WOW" every time we play this video.